Thursday, September 18, 2014


We are finally LIVE with our fundraiser! The FROGDONUT ALLIANCE is up and running, and needs support at every level! No, it’s not charity: we’re giving away cool perks aplenty, from Scott’s awesome kitbash mech sculptures and my jewelry to our pro skillz at a slight discount. Everything we raise goes toward moving me to Cheeseland, where my fiance and I can collaborate in person, raise the dead, bring about the zombie apocaly--- er. I mean, make cool art together. Yeah.

We understand many of our friends and family are in the same financial suck-it-in position as we are. But hey, please pass on the link, and talk up the cause for us, huh? It’s good karma. Plus, you’ll get to see us create wonderful weirdness together. It’s hella better building skeleton props, freaky collages, and writing songs and stories together when you’re RIGHT THERE to bounce ideas back and forth.

Not to mention, you really do need more than two tentacles to perform the Elder God Raising Ceremony...

So please, spread the word! Chip in a buck or five! Snigger at how goofy we look on camera! (No, we’re not buying you popcorn to rewatch it again.)

More regular weirdness and updates soon. Excuse me. Something’s banging on the walled-over well in the basement again...have to go get some tuna from the store...


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